Capacity Building and Support 

Local governments and health commissioners are starting to recognise the value of the voluntary and community sector and that they hold the key to improving communities wellbeing, which is a great thing. However if these groups are going to deliver on these expectations and reach their potential they need adequate resources, support and guidance.

We recognise that for a lot of small community groups and voluntary organisations governance and administration are necessary but, intimidating and resource intensive tasks.

Latest work supporting Migrant Groups

Beatrice Laing Trust Report

 How can we help?

 For groups we can advise and assist with the following:
  • Creating or growing your membership.
  • Advising and creating clear governance structures 
  • Assisting groups to acquire charitable status
  • Managing and administering membership databases
  • Volunteer policy, recruitment and supervision.
  • We can offer ad hoc practical, financial and administrative support
  • a place to hot desk and use for meetings

You may also be interested in our Skill Swap initiative which is all about working together, sharing expertise and resources and doing more with less.

For Commissioners and Public Service Providers:
  • We can assist commissioners to connect and understand more fully how the voluntary sector works and advise on how they can engage and work with it successfully. 
  • WCA have a wealth of contacts within the voluntary community and public sector.
  • We can work as a communication channel, facilitate relationship building and partnership working.