Healthy, diverse and inclusive communities make a fundamental contribution to people's quality of life and living conditions. 

Healthy communities are created and sustained by the activities of effective local organisations and groups.

Through our 25 years experience we have built up a clear vision of how we think the above can be achieved. We have built up knowledge and resources to help communities, identify, organise and share their collective voice with decision makers. We have a team of experienced professionals who work with individuals, groups and professionals to help them utilise their skills and realise their potential.

We offer a comprehensive range of support packages which aim to:

  • Strengthen communities by building capacity, confidence and skills
  • Improve Service User Involvement
  • Empower and encourage marginalised communities
  • Alter systems and improve strategy, policy and procedures 
  • Improve connections 
  • Establish clear and robust governance structures. 
  • Gather a strong and representative body of evidence
  • Effectively engage new audiences.