Voicing Views 

What is it and who is involved?

Voicing Views is a  mental health service user project that works with the Mental Health Trust, the Clinical Commissioning Group and Adult Social Services on matters relating to the delivery and development of mental health services in the borough.

Service user members of Voicing Views sit on most of the major groups/forums that take place and attend meetings that relate to the delivery and development of services.  Members get involved in one-off consultations/focus groups with the Mental Health Trust, Clinical Commissioning Group and Adult Social Services.

What does it do? 
  • We currently run monthly service user groups in Balham and Roehampton.  
  • On a bi-monthly basis we host the Mental Health Interest Group which is open to service users, carers and staff. 
  • We organise conferences within the borough, currently on a twice yearly basis. 
  • We also run training courses for service users.
  • Our quarterly newsletter, which has a service user editorial committee, has a distribution of around 1000 copies across the borough and is also available electronically on various web sites.

Here at WCA experience has taught us that if real and positive change is to happen, the voice of service users must be heard, respected and acted upon. 

Its the people that use services that are the real experts on how those services should be developed and delivered. They are the ones that know exactly what they need and what improvements need to be made.


What has changed as a result of the project?
  • Service users feel valued and a sense of ownership
  • An increase in service users self esteem and confidence
  • improved service design and delivery
  • a better understanding of service user involvement amongst staff

Project Manager: John Morrill

Tel: 020 8516 7716

Email: voicingviews@wandcareall.org.uk