"Working to improve health and wellbeing through community involvement, collaboration, action and a stronger voluntary sector voice."


WCA (Wandsworth Care Alliance) established in 1991 became a registered charity
in 2005.

The aim of our work is to empower and support the people we work with,
particularly marginalised groups, to have an effective voice and role in the
community. We support their capacity for creativity, enterprise, contribution
and personal enrichment. Through our activities we aim to release community
capacity, nurture partnerships and facilitate practical and sustainable
change. Our work centres around a belief that effective change comes when a
community is able to recognise, value and build upon their own assets. We
operate & manage a number of service user and community led
organisations, including Wandsworth Healthwatch.

Our beneficiaries include Mental Health Service Users, Learning Disability groups, Voluntary Sector Organisations and Local Communities.